Establishing Wills, a power of attorney and enduring guardianship are easy with the assistance of one of our specialist solicitors.



Planning your future is an integral part of life, so at Douglas & Collins, we do more than just put a Will in place. We will work with you to consider what happens to your assets after your death, so you can best benefit and provide for your loved ones.

A Will is particularly valuable as it gives instructions on who is to receive your assets after your death. Should you not establish a Will, state laws will decide how to distribute your assets, and unintended inheritance and consequences may occur.

A properly prepared Will is an incredibly important task to undertake. It can be a simple process, but it needs to meet specific legal requirements for it to be valid and executed as you wish. This is where our team can be of assistance.

Douglas & Collins is highly experienced in the planning and preparation of Wills. We will ensure all requirements are fulfilled and discuss all areas of consideration, so you know your final wishes will be recognised.


Power of Attorney

Appointing a person to control your financial and property decisions requires careful consideration.  We can guide and advise you through this process and make all arrangements to put your chosen plan in place. This can provide you comfort in knowing your financial affairs will be managed by someone you trust in the event you are unable to do so yourself.


Enduring Guardianship

Like a power of attorney, appointing an enduring guardianship requires consideration. In the event you lose the capacity to make lifestyle or personal decisions, your guardian will be the one to make those decisions on your behalf.

At Douglas & Collins, we will work with you to determine how an enduring guardianship can benefit you and will discuss the inclusion of any specific requests in the appointment.

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